What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric scooters?


With the in-depth concept of the intelligent Internet of things, electric scooters on the market are becoming more and more popular, many young people are more and more able to accept the use of electric scooters to travel, about electric scooters in actual daily life have what advantages and disadvantages, today to summarize and summarize it.


1. Folding and portable

The general appearance of electric scooters is relatively small and fashionable, generally less than one meter easy to carry. Electric scooters can be folded, folded up to cover a small area can be easily carried. For office workers, you can ride an electric scooter to the bus station when you go out, and then you can fold it when you get on the bus, and the elevator trunk can be put when you go to work.

2. Plenty of electricity

Electric scooters do not need people to rely on the waist strength to twist and push the feet to push the skateboard to slide, but use electricity as energy, and the battery capacity is large. In addition to the large capacity of the electric scooter battery, there are high-power motors, which can ensure that the scooter can run for a long time, and has strong power and climbing ability.

3. high security

The electric scooter is relatively small, and the office worker can fold up and put it into the office after arriving at the work place. The acceleration and braking devices of the electric scooter are manually controlled, and if you encounter danger, you can directly control it, reducing the probability of danger compared with the skateboard. But be careful to drive at a reasonable speed.

4, short life

Although the electric scooter is small and convenient, it is not a large vehicle after all, and the battery life will be shortened after a long time of use. Electric scooters because of their relatively small size, if placed in the office or home security will be relatively high, but if locked outside, it is easy to steal. Scooters can be folded and are relatively light, so they can be easily removed when left outside. Electric scooters are best not to drive on the ground in bad road conditions, which will reduce the use time of the car.

5. Warm tips

Electric scooters are generally suitable for short distances, such as driving in the community or near home. If you ride an electric scooter to work, the company is too far away from home, it is likely to be unable to reach because of lack of electricity. In addition, if you want to use a means of transportation to work, it is best to choose a bicycle or an electric vehicle that can be on the road.

From the above introduction, you can simply understand what the advantages and disadvantages of electric scooters are in real life, and I hope to help you.


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