What Are The Best Electric Scooters from China in 2023?


The electric scooter industry’s market value was approximately $18.6 billion in 2019 and was projected to hit $20.0 billion in 2020. For starters, there’s a boom in the prevalence of electric mobility products in the United States, with at least 71 cities embracing this mode of locomotion. And it’s not just in the US. Most people living in Paris, workers and tourists alike, prefer riding on e-scooters as their primary mode of short-distance travel.

But why are e-scooters suddenly sky-rocketing in popularity? Well, for one, these vehicles are much more environmentally friendly compared to other modes of transportation. As you might have heard, Europeans are quite keen on ecology. Besides, while the e-scooter might not be as fast as an e-bike or a car, it is quite functional as it is convenient to transport, especially during severe traffic congestion. Overall, e-scooters are economically viable, eco-friendly, and functional modes of transport within cities, not to mention a remarkable fashion statement.

There are a varity of electric scooters in different level of quality on the market, Chinese manufacturers have pioneered this budding sector and shown considerable zeal in developing electric mobility products. As such, we’ve prepared a detailed guide to help you find your ideal e-scooter and how to identify a reliable e-scooter from China.

Features of a Quality Electric Scooter

Scooters have many distinct parts but the main ones include controller, batteries, deck, brakes, lights, handlebars, suspension, motor, and tires. One ought to consider the state and characteristics of the parts on a scooter before stocking it for sale.

1. Controller

It is also known as a speed controller. The controller powers up the motor depending on the force of acceleration applied. This electric part is situated deep within the scooter and its sole function is to manage the current flow from the battery to the motor. It looks like a rectangular box with plenty of wires protruding from one end. This relatively small device is covered with metal so that it can absorb heat. It acquires inputs from the electronic brakes and the accelerator and converts them into a current that is then relayed to the motor so the scooter can keep going.

The strength of a controller is determined by how much current and voltage it can modulate. It is also determined by the strength of a scooter’s motor. A powerful motor will require a strong controller that can relay enough current to it. As such, powerful scooters have controllers with a high maximum voltage and current rating. A faulty controller can pose a significant safety risk to the user and should be fixed before the scooter can be used again.

2. Batteries

E-scooters have battery packs that comprise if many single cells packed together. They provide the main source of power or energy used up by different parts of a scooter. Powerful scooters usually have Lithium-ion batteries while smaller ones and kid scooters have Lead-acid batteries. These battery types differ in capacity, which is measured in watt-hours (Wh). More Wh means that the scooter has a higher range and also a higher price range.

3. Deck

It is where you stand while steering the scooter. Most are covered with a rubber or textured material to provide a better grip between the scooter and one’s shoes. A standard scooter has an inclined deck to provide ample space for one’s feet. The deck should also a reasonable height above the ground for the rider’s safety.

4. Brakes

A scooter requires a strong brake system to help the user remain in control of it and navigate safely. Disc brakes come highly recommended among scooters because of their quality and efficiency. Brakes enable one to slow down, as is the case in most vehicles. E-scooters have either mechanical or electronic brakes. Mechanical brakes are activated when the rider physically steps on them. They include foot, drum, and disc brakes. Electronic brakes, on the other hand, depend on the scooter’s motor and comprise of electronic and restorative systems.

5. Lights

Lighting is often overlooked but it is in fact of the most crucial aspects of a scooter. It helps the rider to see in the dark and ensures that other motorists can see the scooter. Most scooters have a tail light activated by the braking system and one or two LED headlights. More luxurious scooters boast of multicolored LED lights that surround the entire scooter or light up underneath the deck. Although these might be cool additions, a scooter ought to have the appropriate head and tail lights for better visibility.

6. Handlebars

All the control buttons on a scooter are on the handlebars: brakes, accelerator, power buttons, and speed and settings display. Some top-quality scooters allow their users to fold the handlebars for easier storage or transportation.

7. Suspension

The suspension feature has become the preserve of high-quality scooters. It helps to reduce the impact of bumps and provide an overall smooth ride. Suspensions come in different forms, namely: spring, rubber, and hydraulic suspensions. Scooters with coil-over-hydraulic suspensions are widely preferred. These suspensions are a fusion of hydraulic and spring features. Some scooters forfeit suspension and go for large airy tires which adequately replace inferior forms of suspension.

8. Motor

Most scooters have a center motor that is usually built into one of the wheels, sometimes both. Standard scooters have one motor while the really powerful ones have two. The strength of a motor is gauged from how much energy it consumes, this is calculated in watts. A scooter with a powerful motor has more watt units.

9. Stem

This is the metal tube that links the handlebars to the front wheel. Some scooters have unstable stems which make it difficult for one to navigate and can be potentially dangerous. This is mostly the case with scooters whose stems can be folded. As such, it is important to pay attention to the stability of this crucial part.

10. Tires

Tires offer the grip required to brake or accelerate your scooter efficiently. They come in airless and airy or pneumatic types. Airy wheels are preferred over pneumatic ones because they provide better overall performance. They are also better riding companions when one is navigating through rough roads.

Three best e-scooters from Chinese manufacturers

We are here to suggest you some of the best electric scooters from China in 2020. So carefully read the description of the electric scooter recommended below; This will really make it easy for you to choose an electric scooter that meets all your demands.

Xiaomi M365 Mi

This model is arguably the best-selling electronic scooter in China at the moment. Anyway, you wouldn’t expect anything less from the universally renowned electronics manufacturer. When looking for one of the best folding e-scooters, the Xiaomi M365 Mi seems to be an ideal fit for quality and value for money.
For starters, the vehicle is reasonably priced and demonstrates unprecedented mileage performance among rival scooters.
The M356 Mi can clock speeds of up to 15.5 mph, allowing it to reach distances of about 18.6 miles within a single full charge. Even better, you can ride it for as long as sixty minutes, even when doing maximum speed.Unfortunately, its charging time is quite long as it takes 5.5 hours to charge fully.
You’ll love that this device is fitted with a kinetic energy recovery mechanism that transforms kinetic energy into electrical energy upon hitting the brakes or releasing the acceleration throttle. This is great because it extends the scooter’s battery life significantly.
What’s more, this ride is a smart device as it has an integrated app that allows you to control the scooter from your phone. You can also keep your Xiaomi scooter from being infected with online malware by upgrading its firmware through the app.
• The price is friendly
• It has an ultra-long-range
• Features self-recharging technology
• Is a smart device
• It takes too long to charge

Freeman 8.5” electric scooter S2

If you are looking for such an electric scooter that can provide you a comfortable ride along with entertainment, then 8.5″ electric scooter S2 is the best electric scooter that is designed to offer you fun and an entertaining and environment-friendly ride.

This Electric Scooter comes with a strong body and fancy design that which offers you a reliable ride and attracts different people around you.

The frame of this wonderful scooter is made of aerospace-grade aluminum, which is a high-quality material to provide your scooter a superstructural strength and low density. Physical rear suspension provides the best riding feeling to you.

For maintaining high durability, this scooter is made of such material that is highly thermally conductive and has high corrosion resistance.

This scooter contains a Strong body, yet it is quite easy to be carried anywhere with its lightweight of just 14KG. The lightweight and portable size of this amazing electric scooter make it best for maneuvering stairs and pavements.

You can also ride this scooter at night as it is featured with fantastic Headlights that most of the scooters don’t contain. This headlight is ultra-bright under the maximum range of up to 6 meters to ensure your safety at night time. Waterproof side LED strips makes it more colorful and attractive.

For making other pedestrians and vehicles on the road aware of your existence, this wonderful electric scooter is given a Red light at its tail area that flashes at the time when you brake your scooter.

Once you charge the scooter’s battery fully, it’ll make you travel up to 25KM easily, the braking system of this scooter is featured with a rare disc brake that offers you a quick stopping in case of an emergency brake. Besides, the scooter is given a bell to alert pedestrians of your existence, and through a kick stand, you can park your scooter anywhere.

Don’t worry about your own weight because this scooter can bear a load of 100kg. So just enjoy riding on the scooter without worrying about the scooter will be damaged by your heavyweight.

If you want to carry this electric scooter in your car to take it away somewhere else, you can easily fold it and conveniently keep it in any corner of your car.


Battery capacity: 36V 7.5AH

Max distance: 20-25km

Materials: Aluminium alloy

Tyre: Inner honeycomb tyre

Max speed: 25km/h

Front light: Yes,front LED light+side LED strips

Rear LED: Yes

Speed modes: 2

Brake system: Rear disc brake

Charging time: 5.5-6.5 hours

Max climbing angle: 15°

Max load: 100kg


  1. High battery capacity
  2. Side LED strips
  3. Rear suspension
  4. Foldable and compact
  5. Strong frame and folding structure


  1. Single brake system

Ninebot Segway ES2

This e-scooter is an upgraded model from the Segway ES1. While both models sell quite well, the Segway S2 has picked up some more traction.
The Segway ES2 seeks to maximize range and therefore features a kick-start mechanism. It runs on a 300W front motor and can attain maximum speeds of up to 15.5 mph. When the Ninebot Segway ES2 is completely charged, you can ride it for about 15.5 miles before running low on power.
You’ll love to know that this vehicle is a smart device as it has an in-built app that allows you to adjust parameters like cruising mode and maximum speed.
What’s more, it features dual shock absorbers, enabling it to navigate various terrains. It also has a rear suspension mechanism that will smoothen your journey, especially when riding on rough terrain.
You can ride this e-scooter at night as it has front and rear LED lights and more LED illumination below the footplate.
If portability is a crucial consideration for you, you should consider buying this e-scooter. Why? Well, you can fold and unfold it within seconds. Secondly, it only weighs 28 pounds, which is light to transport. And finally, it has a discrete folding mechanism, which is an upgrade from the Segway ES1.
Another distinguishing perk of this scooter is that you can upgrade it by adding an extra battery to it, enhancing its range and top speed.
• Great performance
• Upgradable with an extra battery
• No handlebar adjustment feature

Final conclusions

Most people who use scooters are either students or workers. As such, e-scooters provide an affordable yet eco-friendly alternative. Did we mention e-scooters are also quite the fashion statement across the globe? Besides, it is easily portable and allows quick maneuverability in conditions like traffic jams.
Chinese companies are spearheading the manufacture of e-scooters and other electric mobility products. But, the high number of such companies and scooter models makes choosing a scooter not-so-easy. Let your purpose for acquiring the scooter be your number one consideration. Then you can introduce technical aspects such as design and aesthetics later.

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