As a professional China Affordable-Infrared-Thermometers manufacturers and suppliers, Tengda has its own factory. We can design and develop various kinds of products with specific functions to meet needs from different customers.You can rest assured to buy low price Affordable-Infrared-Thermometers from us.
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Digital Medical Infrared Thermometer

Digital Medical Infrared Thermometer

The Tengda® Digital Medical Infrared Thermometer operates by measuring temperature through the detection of thermal radiation, often referred to as black-body radiation, emitted by the object under scrutiny. These Contactless Digital Thermometers are sometimes colloquially known as laser thermometers due to their use of lasers for precise targeting, or they may be called non-contact thermometers or temperature guns, highlighting their capability to measure temperature without physical contact. By assessing the quantity of infrared energy released by the object and considering its emissivity, these devices can generally determine the object's temperature within a specific range of its actual temperature.

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